13-year-old boy saw his mother naked

13-year-old boy naked

For Jules, walking around without a stitch on in front of her son Jordan is the most natural thing in the world.

The mother-of-three happily potters round the house in the nude, doesn’t wrap a towel around herself when she leaves the bathroom after a shower and she and husband Nigel often enjoy a naked snuggle in bed with Jordan and his sisters.

But Jordan isn’t a baby or a toddler — he’s 13.

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Many will find his mother’s actions unsettling and say it’s time she started covering up in front of him. Some experts even believe she risks causing long-term psychological damage to her son.

Jordan says he supports his mother’s attitude to nudity, and doesn’t feel it’s anything unnatural.

‘I honestly don’t feel at all embarrassed about seeing my mum naked. It’s not as if she just suddenly started doing it. It is just normal in our house,’ he says, adding that he wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing a friend’s mother naked.

But that’s unlikely, as Jordan admits: ‘Most of my friends’ families are not like mine.

‘If mates come over unexpectedly I wouldn’t just take them up to my room without calling out, “Is everyone decent?” first. But I think it’s good to be relaxed about nudity in the family and will probably do the same with my children when I grow up.’

Source: Daily Mail


Boy, 15, broke into home and raped homealone woman, 45

Indian teenage boy raped woman

In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old boy allegedly raped a 45-year-old woman who was alone in her house.

The incident was reported at Padangady here on Sunday August 31.

A complaint in this regard was filed in Beltangady police station by the woman’s daughter.

The complaint states that when the woman was alone at home, a boy from the neighbourhood came into the house, and after bolting the front door from the inside, he raped her.

Meanwhile, the woman’s daughter came home and on finding the door locked, began calling out for her mother and knocking on the door. But there was no response, the complaint states.

She then noticed the boy inside the house and in her complaint, accused him of raping her mother. It is said that the victim suffers from memory loss.

Soon after the incident came to the knowledge of the locals, they caught hold of the boy and handed him over to the police.

Beltangady police have registered a case and further investigations are on.

Source: Daijiworld

Note: Since the woman claims memory loss, and the daughter filed the complain about rape, this story might have alternative interpretations. BBN recommends to always read news stories with a critical eye.


Boy, 14, stole a phone – arrested by police and refused bail

Shirtless boy

A 14-year-old boy, who allegedly injured a woman during a phone snatch in Dublin, has been refused bail.

The youth appeared at the Dublin Children’s Court following his arrest on Wednesday for mugging a woman, at Vincent Street West.

Det Garda Laura O’Brien objected to bail being granted to the boy, who was accompanied to court by his mother.

Det Garda O’Brien said the robbery was alleged to have happened at about 1.40pm when the woman had been using her mobile phone.

It was alleged the teenager passed her and “forcibly grabbed it out of her hand”, resulting in the woman suffering bruising and swelling around one of her eyes.

The woman was “left shaken and was in fear”.

Source: Irish Times


Boy, 13, had sex with his teacher, 32, after playing “dare” – sent her pictures of his penis on Snapchat – she goes on trial for rape

Young teenage boy shirtless in speedos had sex with his teacher

A teacher has been arrested after it was alleged that she had sex with a 13-year-old pupil.

Mother-of-one Mary Faith McCormick, 32, is accused of having a three-month affair with the teenager after he contacted her on social media.

The alleged crime was uncovered by a friend of the boy who is reported to have discovered a semi-naked picture of McCormick, who teaches sixth grade at Siloam Springs Intermediate School, Araksnas, on his phone.

She is also accused of sending explicit text messages to the boy.

According to legal papers on the case they are believed to have had sex on at least two occasions, but because the boy is so young it is considered statutory rape.

The report said that the teenager was ‘dared’ to contact McCormick by a friend and that they went round to her house. They watched a movie together but when the friend left McCormick is alleged to have had sex with the boy.

It is believed that they exchanged pictures of one another’s genitalia via Snapchat and her phone revealed a topless picture of herself.

Source: Mirror


Preteen boy kayaked into dangerous waters – saved by the coast guard

Half naked preteen boy. Breaking Boy News.

A boy saved from Lake Michigan earlier this month was reunited with his rescuers Tuesday in an emotional meeting.

The boy was plucked from the water near Peninsula State Park a few weeks ago when a kayaking trip got out of control during a vacation in Wisconsin.

9-year-old Tommy and his cousin were swept 10 miles from the shore and were lost for 17 hours near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Half naked preteen boy. Breaking Boy News.

A crew from the Coast Guard was able to find them and rescue them.

Tommy and his cousin did have life jackets on and stayed with their kayaks. The Coast Guard says that likely kept them alive.

Source: WGNTV