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Boy, 14, raped his own mother

Shirtless boy, 14 years old, raped

A boy accused of raping his own mother in Blackpool has made his first appearance at crown court.

The 14-year-old, who cannot be named, had his case adjourned to May 19 for a plea and case management hearing.

A proposed trial date has been fixed for October 27th, with a hearing due to last three days.

Source: Lancashire Evening Post


Gypsy boys gang raped retarded girls as young as 12, came inside them and made them pregnant

Young gypsy boys raped young girls, creampie

Members of a child sex gang responsible for raping and sexually abusing girls as young as 12 were jailed today.

The youths, of Czech, Slovak Roma and Kurdish backgrounds, preyed on a total of five girls, including one with severe learning difficulties, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire last year.

The girls were forced to have sex with boys for money, which was used to buy drugs and alcohol.

Boys aged 14 to 18

The gang’s Roma ringleader, Zdeno Mirga, 18, who made one of his victims pregnant, was sentenced to 16-and-a half years in a young offender institution (YOI) for eight counts of rape and one count of inciting child prostitution.

Renato Balog, 18, a Roma, will serve 12 years in a YOI for five rapes and three sexual assaults.

Jan Kandrac, 17, also from a Roma community, will serve five-and-half years in a YOI for one count of rape and two of indecent assault on a child.

Sexy boy shirtless with tattoo, puberty, 13 years old

The youngest member of the gang, a 14-year-old Roma who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was given a non-custodial six-month youth rehabilitation order after being convicted of sexual activity with a child.

The case came to light when a Czech/Slovak girl, known as victim A, then aged 12-13, was taken into care and began to tell her social worker what had been happening to her.

Judge Bevan singled out the gang’s treatment of one victim, who had an IQ of just 54.

Lined up to cum inside the “easy meat”

She was repeatedly raped, with men and boys sometimes lining up to abuse her as a “sexual commodity”, he said, adding: “To you she was easy meat, a sexual plaything who no one cared about, no one cared for and who nobody would believe.”

Another victim became pregnant and a third self-harmed.

Source: Express


Boy, 13, raped his little sister, 8, after watching porn on his Xbox

A pubescent boy's smooth armpit. Shirtless 13yo.

A 13-year-old boy has admitted raping his eight-year-old sister after watching pornography on an Xbox.

The teenager had seen the adult material with a friend and ‘decided to try it out’ on his sister because she was small and ‘couldn’t remember stuff’, a court heard.

He appeared before Blackburn magistrates’ court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to indecent assault and inciting the girl to perform a sexual act on him.

The victim is now being looked after by specialist officers and is reported to be ‘recovering well’.

Source: Metro


Homeless boy, 16, tried to rape woman

Sexy teenage boy shirtless, bare tummy, smooth, hairless, pubescent

Lansdale police said a 16-year-old boy tried to rape a woman Monday afternoon at an area park.

The boy, who police said is homeless, is charged with attempted rape, attempted sexual assault, possession of an instrument of crime, unlawful restraint, simple assault, reckless endangerment, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Source: The Morning Call


Two highschool boys raped two girls, 13 and 14

Pubescent teenage boys shirtless, muscular, sexy, hot

Daisy Coleman, 14, and her mother claim they were run out of town after they accused  two of her classmates of sexual assault.

Prosecutors claim Matthew Barnett, 17 at the time, left Coleman drunk, freezing and not wearing a jacket outside her mother’s house in January.

Barnett pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment.

However, he did not face charges for rape.

He was sentenced to two years probation with no jail time.

Daisy Coleman and another 13-year-old girl allege Barnett and another high school boy raped them after a night of drinking.

Source: KFOR