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Young boy scouts visiting Japan

A contingent of 14 Boy Scouts and four leaders from the Boy Scouts of America has began a two-week visit to Japan.

During their stay, the Scouts will climb Mount Fuji, hike in Japan’s wilderness areas, visit a Japanese Scout Camp, and stay with host families, among other activities.

This is part of an ongoing, multiyear exchange program in which a Scouting contingent from Japan visited in 2011, including tours of the Chicago area, a stay at a Des Plaines Valley Council camp in Wisconsin, and were hosted by local Scouting families in their homes.

Source: Patch


School boys get their own toilet

Girls and boys no longer have to share the same toilets at Ntukuso Primary School in Cato Ridge, South Africa, thanks to a local company that has donated two blocks of toilets to the school, The New Age reports.

“There were times where, as males and females, teachers and pupils, we used to share just one toilet,” said Principal Protas Ncanana Nxumalo.

The company was motivated to build the toilets after one of its senior managers noticed the problem during an earlier visit to donate sports kits to the school. He had apparently asked to use a toilet and when taken to one was so shocked by its condition that he was unable to use it.

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