14-year-old boy raped preteen girl while watching cartoons

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In a shocking development, an eight-year old girl was raped by a minor boy. The incident occurred at about 3.30 pm on September 16 in Wadi area of Nagpur.

According to police, the 8-year old girl had gone to her friend’s house to watch TV. When the girl was watching cartoons on the TV, her friend’s 14-year old brother raped her.

Police said, when the Wadi resident kid girl went to watch TV to her friend’s house, the friend’s brother was alone in the house. When the kid girl asked about her friend, the 14-year old boy replied and said, she will be coming within 10 minutes. Till now, she could watch TV at his house.

The girl started watching cartoons on the TV. However, taking advantage of the situation, the 14-year old boy raped her.

The boy also threatened the 8-year old girl of dire consequences if she narrated the incident to anyone.

But the innocent girl told the incident to her parents. The girl’s parents took the girl to Wadi Police Station and lodged a complaint against the 14-year old boy.

Source: Nagpur Today