Young boys in new sexting scandal – youngest perpetrator only 10 years old

Young boys in sexting scandal - tanned, smooth, shirtless, muscular, pubescent, cute, sexy teenage boys

Children as young as eight have been involved in the exchange of indecent images via social media, an investigation has found.

Councils and police have recorded incidents involving communications between minors.

Central Scotland said under-18s had been involved in 16 cases of sexting over the last three years, and provided a detailed breakdown of ages showing the youngest child “accused” of sexting had been 10, while the youngest “victim” was nine. One case featured a 12-year-old child and a 17-year-old perpetrator.

Councils were also at odds over the issue, with most education departments stating data was not held or could not be readily accessed. Angus said its schools witnessed six incidents in the last three years, with the youngest victim, in 2010/11, aged eight.

Moray recorded 19 cases between 2009 and 2012, with children involved ranging from 11 to 17, and Scottish Borders council had 13 cases, with children aged 11 to 16.

Source: Herald