Teenage boy raped young boys in prison

A boy prisoner in Turkey, identified only as “FG,” has claimed that he had been raped by an older boy prisoner.

“Several other boys were raped, too,” he alleged. “Every day I had the fear of rape.”

According to an unofficial Turkish parliamentary investigation into physical and sexual abuse of Kurdish children in juvenile detention centers, nearly all the allegedly abused children were detained for either illegal assembly or throwing stones.

The youngest such victim was 12 years old.

“Security forces deliver them to the prison and they have code words when they hand them over. They say, ‘This is a relative; treat him nicely,’ and this means, ‘Rape him.’ We heard many reports of children being raped,” said BDP MP Ertuğral Kürkçü.

“They are stripped naked and kept naked for three or four days”, he added.

Source: Eurasianet