Pre-teen boy attacked police with pepper spray and hammer

An eight-year-old boy in Nantes in western France greeted two police officers with pepper spray and a hammer blow after they were called out to intervene in a routine neighbourhood dispute.

The officers arrived at the property located on the île de Nantes shortly after 3pm on Wednesday afternoon. The police unit had been despatched to the building to intervene in a neighbourly dispute.

As they knocked on the door of the apartment located on the ground floor they were met by the 8-year-old and his mother. From behind his mother’s back, the young assailant struck out at the officers with the hammer and the pepper spray.

The two officers were taken to hospital with one nursing a broken finger and the other needing treatment after being hit in the face with the pepper spray.

The young boy and his mother were taken to the police station for questioning, but were later allowed to return home.

“Given his young age, the boy can’t be held criminally responsible for his actions,” said a police officer.

Source: The Local