Teenage boy forced pre-teen boys to dress up as women and beg for money

Manila policemen have rescued a 5-year-old boy, missing for a month, from the clutches of a teenager who allegedly took the child and forced him to beg for a living, the Inquirer reports.

Superintendent Roderick Mariano, the station commander, told the Inquirer that his men later caught up with 18-year-old Gerald Alejo, of Baliuag, Bulacan, whom the boy identified as the man who took him and two playmates from Arlegui Street in Quiapo last month.

He described the boy as dressed in a sleeveless shirt and a skirt and sporting a shoulder-length brown wig. The station commander explained that Alejo apparently wanted the child to appear as a girl so he could get more alms.

“When we asked the suspect why he had taken the boy, he said he needed to earn a living because he himself had also run away from home,” Mariano told the Inquirer, adding that Alejo told him he had been feeding the boy well from the proceeds of his begging.

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