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After three years, Breaking Boy News has come to an end. Read all about it in the new book.


The most degenerate piece of art on this side of the 1930s!

Idea: To search for the borders of man and media.

Realization: A bold tabloid newspaper with boy news only.

Readers: Teenage boys from all over the world.

Reactions: Fierce.

This is the exciting story about the art project Breaking Boy News, from the start as a small tabloid newspaper in 2011 to a website with over 650,000 views per month in 2014.

The book contains detailed reader statistics and a full recap of the reactions the project caused, along with a critical discussion about what they might say about our society.

 Status December 2014: Now in stock! 

Detailed status: Amazon has now (22 December 2014) received our big shipment with books, and will start dispatching them to those who have ordered. Merry Christmas!

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