Boy, 13, had sex with his teacher, 32, after playing “dare” – sent her pictures of his penis on Snapchat – she goes on trial for rape

Young teenage boy shirtless in speedos had sex with his teacher

A teacher has been arrested after it was alleged that she had sex with a 13-year-old pupil.

Mother-of-one Mary Faith McCormick, 32, is accused of having a three-month affair with the teenager after he contacted her on social media.

The alleged crime was uncovered by a friend of the boy who is reported to have discovered a semi-naked picture of McCormick, who teaches sixth grade at Siloam Springs Intermediate School, Araksnas, on his phone.

She is also accused of sending explicit text messages to the boy.

According to legal papers on the case they are believed to have had sex on at least two occasions, but because the boy is so young it is considered statutory rape.

The report said that the teenager was ‘dared’ to contact McCormick by a friend and that they went round to her house. They watched a movie together but when the friend left McCormick is alleged to have had sex with the boy.

It is believed that they exchanged pictures of one another’s genitalia via Snapchat and her phone revealed a topless picture of herself.

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Preteen boy kayaked into dangerous waters – saved by the coast guard

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A boy saved from Lake Michigan earlier this month was reunited with his rescuers Tuesday in an emotional meeting.

The boy was plucked from the water near Peninsula State Park a few weeks ago when a kayaking trip got out of control during a vacation in Wisconsin.

9-year-old Tommy and his cousin were swept 10 miles from the shore and were lost for 17 hours near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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A crew from the Coast Guard was able to find them and rescue them.

Tommy and his cousin did have life jackets on and stayed with their kayaks. The Coast Guard says that likely kept them alive.

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Teenage boy sexted a video of his erect penis to his girlfriend – police wants to photograph his boner again to gather evidence of child porn

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A 17 year-old Virginia teenager who is under investigation for sending a consensual sext to his 15-year-old girlfriend may be forced to have an erection in front of police as evidence in the case.

The boy is being charged with two felonies — one for possession of child pornography (sexts from his girlfriend) and one for manufacturing child pornography (taking video of himself). He faces time in prison, as well as permanent placement on the sex offender registry.

Police have already taken photos of the boy’s genitals as a part of their investigation, his lawyer told the Post. But they want to bring the teen to the hospital and inject him with something that will force an erection, to compare his erect penis to that in the video found on his phone.

As technology advances and teens find new ways to express their sexuality, legislators and law enforcement are grappling with how to deal with sexting. At least 20 states have criminalized sexually explicit messages between teens. There is a perception that sexting has dangerous implications for young people.

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Young boy killed old woman after playing GTA

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A young boy from Louisiana has been accused of shooting and killing his 87-year-old caregiver after playing a violent video game.

The little boy from Slaughter, LA, told investigators that the shooting was accidental, but police told various media outlets that they believe the child intentionally shot and killed the caregiver.

According to police, the unidentified boy pulled the trigger minutes after playing Grand Theft Auto IV, which awards points for every person you kill.

Officials said the child shot her in the back of the head while she was sitting in a chair watching TV.

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