Young, slim Asian and black boys, 10-12 years old, sexually assaulted female joggers – grabbed their tits and asses, shouted violent sexual abuse at them, and exposed themselves

Young half naked black boys. Breaking Boy News.

Police are trying to trace a gang of young boys in connection with sexual assaults on a jogger and a teenage girl in Brockwell Park in south London.

The suspects are described as being as young as 10, with Trainee Detective Constable Jen Barley saying: “This is very unusual and aggressive behaviour by males of such a young age.”

A spokesman for the Met said on Monday, August 11 at approximately 6.30pm a 28-year-old woman was jogging in the park when she was approached by two boys on bicycles who grabbed her buttocks.

She confronted the boys and they shouted abuse of a violent sexual nature at her.

The second offence took place on Saturday, August 16 around 6pm, when three boys approached a 16-year-old girl, who was sitting in Brockwell Park with a friend, from behind.

The spokesman said:

“One of the boys grabbed the 16-year-old’s breasts and groped her.

The victim escaped his hold and stood up; the boy grabbed the victim again pulling her close to his body.

She broke free and ran off. The boy then shouted abuse of a violent sexual nature at the victim and exposed himself.”

Officers in Lambeth Borough are appealing for the public’s help in identifying the boys wanted in connection with the sexual offences.

Have you seen these boys?

  1. The first is described as a dark skinned Asian male of slim build, with short straight black hair, big brown eyes and has a London accent. He is about 5ft 3ins tall, aged 10 to 12-years-old and was wearing a grey zip-up hooded top and riding a dark bicycle.
  2. The second is described as a black male of a slim build, with short black hair. He is about 5ft 3ins tall, also aged 10 to 12-years-old and has a London accent.
  3. The third is described as a black male with braided hair and a London accent. He is aged 11 to 13-years-old, and was riding a bicycle.

Any witnesses or anyone with any information is asked to contact officers on 0208 649 2192, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: London24


14-year-old boy had sex with Jesus statue – faces two years prison

Sexy teenboy had oral sex with Jesus

An Everett, Pennsylvania, teenager faces charges for “desecrating a venerated object” after the boy posted Facebook photos of himself receiving simulated head from a Jesus statue.

Police say the desecration took place at Love In the Name of Christ church. Apparently this isn’t a proper way to express that Christ-love?

Blow job from Jesus - real photo

Desecrating a venerated object—defined as “defacing, damaging, polluting, or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities”—is a second-degree misdemeanor in Pennsylvania, with a possible punishment of up to two years jail time.

The Jesus photos came to law enforcement’s attention after the teen posted them to Facebook.

Source: Reason


Two boys, 12 and 13, killed farmer in front of his wife

Young boys shirtless, 12-year-old and 13-year-old, in puberty. Breaking Boy News.

Two teenage boys have pleaded not guilty to killing a west Auckland dairy owner stabbed to death in front of his wife.

The lawyer for a 13-year-old charged with murdering Arun Kumar entered a not guilty plea on his behalf in the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday.

A 12-year-old, who’s been charged with Mr Kumar’s manslaughter, had previously entered a not guilty plea.

The court was packed family members who nodded and smiled at the boys as they stood in the dock.

Source: NZCity


Two boys, 12 and 14, beat up child in wheelchair – pushed the victim into a sewer

Shirtless boys in puberty, 12 years old, in speedos. Breaking Boy News.

A Delaware boy who uses a wheelchair was beaten and robbed by two other boys on Monday – and police say it wasn’t their first assault.

The New Castle County Police Department said in a news release Monday afternoon ‘the victim was outside exercising in his wheelchair when two suspects ran up behind him.’

The victim was beaten by the teen assailants after his wheelchair was shoved into a storm drain, police said.

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The victim’s key and lanyard were snatched, according to the New Castle County Police Department.

The boys are both between the ages of 12 and 14 and 4’8″ (142 cm), the police department said.

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The victim told CBS Philadelphia ‘These kids pushed me into a sewer grate thing and my wheel got stuck and he started punching me. And I put my hand up to block the punch and then he grabbed my lanyard, twisted it, put it back around my neck again and started to pull it.’

The victim uses the wheelchair because of surgery on his leg and has cerebral palsy.

Source: Daily Mail


Boy, 16, asked girls to send him sexy pictures of themselves, then shared them with his friends on Dropbox – accused of spreading child pornography

Sexy teenage boy bare chested smooth armpits

As students prepare to return for another school year at Waukesha South High School, police are trying to determine if a 16 year old should be behind bars.

Court papers revealed school leaders received notification images of young girls were available and being viewed by classmates in a Dropbox account. Police determined more than 30 photos showed racy images.

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“He solicited these photographs from these women, then not only kept them to himself but then shared them,” explained Captain Ron Oremus, with the Waukesha Police Department.

Oremus said some of the images were clearly exposed underage girls. The investigation determined the pictures included pornographic pictures of some current and former female students.

Police say the boy requested the images from the girls, then made them available online for his friends to gawk at.

“If they look at those images and they learn something on there is illegal and they don’t report it they are just as culpable for possession if they don’t report it,” said Oremus.

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While investigators try to piece together this disturbing child porn investigation they’re asking teenagers to think twice before sending anything.

“This is the day we live in. We need to cautious with the materials we share with others,” explained Oremus.

The 16 year-old boy could get expelled. He could also face charges of possession and distribution of child porn.

Source: 620WTMJ

Note: Why do you think adults warn teenagers not to send naked photos of themselves? Why do you think police say it’s child porn? Be critical when reading the news.